Lumecca IPL Treatment


For a more radiant and luminous complexion in just 10 days.

The Doctor & Co clinic is equipped with the Inmode Lumecca (IPL) intense pulsed laser device, the most powerful apparatus of its kind on the market.

This skin rejuvenation technology treats pigmented(spots) and vascular lesions (red blotches) in just a few sessions.

This treatment can be performed on both face and body on all skin phototypes(the lightest to the darkest.)

IPL also evens out the skin tone, and improves skin elasticity and texture, to get your youthful glow back.

Lumecca reduces:

Age Spots (red or brown)

Facial vascular lesions




How Does It Work?

Safe, precise and effective, the Lumecca IPL treatment employs the renowned pulsed light technology.

This skin rejuvenation technology resembles most lasers, with one very significant difference, the IPL contains a spectrum of wave lengths while the traditional laser only contains one single concentrated wavelength. As a result, IPL can target a variety of skin imperfections, most particularly brown spots, vascular spots, and red splotches (couperose and rosacea).

By transmitting powerful light pulses, IPL penetrates skin tissue to heat/dry-out the pigmented cells selectively and stimulate the capillary micro-vessels which cause the red patches. This photostimulation triggers the reduction, and even the disappearance of skin irregularities.

This action will also stimulate fibroblasts and reboot collagen production for a global anti-aging effect.

Compared to traditional IPL treatments, Lumecca emits 3X more energy in a larger wavelength spectrum. This technological advancement produces far better results in very few sessions.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about Lumecca.

+ - What does a Lumecca session entail?

After a preliminary consultation with Dr Simon Sebbah, an anesthetic cream is applied on the treatment zone and the session can thus commence. The session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

Upon contact with the skin, the Lumecca handpiece triggers an intense sensation of cold and the light impulsions provoke an elastic tingling sensation on the skin.

In the 24 to 48 hours following the treatment, the pigmentation spots will darken and then peel off throughout the week, making way for a perfectly evened out skin tone. The vascular lesions can whiten or change colors before disappearing within a few days.

Lumecca requires no recovery time and produces results as of the first session.

On average, 3-6 sessions, 3 weeks apart, are required to obtain optimum results.

+ - What are the contraindications?

The patient must not go out in the sun directly, nor excessively, in the month prior to treatment.


+ - What are the side-effects?

Upon completing a session, the treatment zone is hot and redness may appear, all of which disappear within a few hours. Skin can also be light sensitive just after the treatment, and we strongly recommend avoiding all sun exposure.


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