LED Photomodulation

LED Photomodulation

Light Therapy for Beautiful Skin

Today, an innovative technology allows people to take advantage of new ways of improving and beautifying skin: LED Photomodulation.

The Doctor & Co clinic is equipped with the LED TriWings phototherapy device which is now considered the best on the market.

Contrary to popular belief, light is not always the skin’s enemy. In fact, light can bring in many benefits: anti-aging effects, healing, glow, and radiance.

Particularly multi-functional, the LED photomodulation benefits include:

Preventing visible signs of aging (wrinkles and sagging)

Ameliorate the appearance of scars

Treat inflammatory acne

Reduce redness

Slow down hair loss and boost growth

Enhance the complexion (hydration, texture, and glow)

Optimize the effects of esthetic medical treatments

photomodulation par LED
photomodulation par LED

How Does It Work?

LED photomodulation is a cold light with varying wavelengths (colors) capable of resonating with dermis cells.

By being exposed to this light, cellular activity is stimulated, triggering collagen and elastin synthesis, two proteins which guarantee elasticity and tissue regeneration.

This is why the technology is highly praised for its anti-aging and repairing actions.

According to the imperfections to be treated, varying wavelengths or a combination of wavelengths (colors) will be employed.

According to the determined guidelines, an 8 session course of treatment( 2 sessions per week) is prescribed. In certain cases, and to assure lasting results, a maintenance session may be recommended.


Answers to frequently asked questions about LED photomodulation.

+ - What does a photomodulation session entail?

After a preliminary appointment with our Skin Expert, to determine the targeted imperfections, the protocol to adopt and the number of required sessions, the LED photomodulation séance can commence, a treatment which lasts 20 minutes.

Throughout the session, the patient remains in a lying-down position, wearing protective sunglasses and is placed under the LED device. Fully relaxing, this treatment results in a feeling of total well-being.

Upon completing the session, a hydrating cream is applied on the treatment area(s) and the patient can resume his/her daily activities, without any necessary recovery time. A glowing, radiant complexion is immediately visible, and the results progressively improve throughout the sessions.

+ - What are the contraindications?

Minimally invasive, painless and particularly safe, LED photomodulation can be performed on all skin types ( from the palest to the darkest), any time of the year. A consent form must be signed by all underage patients and the procedure must be performed with a parent present.


There are no contraindications nor side effects.

Our prices per session

LED photomodulation 50€

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