Thread lift

Thread lift

A veritable facelift alternative

Thread lift firms the skin while stimulating collagen production. This treatment delivers progressive and natural results.

This procedure is performed with APTOS threads, the leading worldwide laboratory and pioneer of this technique, for which Dr Simon Sebbah has been thoroughly trained and is a referent practitioner.

Over time or following major weight loss, skin loses tonicity and elasticity triggering the appearance of wrinkles and sagging tissues modifying facial contours. If for years we relied solely on the facelift, thread lift now provides a minimally invasive alternative with long-lasting results.

This treatment is recommended for people who have detected:

Facial skin sagging with the appearance of jowls

The appearance of nasolabial folds, bitterness folds

Drooping eyebrows

Sagging under chin area

Chest and decolletage wrinkle appearance

Thread lift can be used on people of all ages to embellish the gaze, lift the eyebrows and to create almond shaped eyes: Fox-eyes.

lifting par fils tenseurs
lifting par fils tenseurs

How Does It Work?

The thread lift is performed by implanting resorbable notched threads (APTOS) under the skin infused with caprolactone and polylactic acid. Fully resorbable, these threads are implanted with a canula and produce a dual action.

The first action is mechanical: the tiny notches on the threads will act on the skin upon insertion, delivering an immediate tightening/firming of dermis tissue.

The second action is physiological: by acting on deep skin layers, the threads stimulate collagen production, restoring volume and fullness and contour shaping to the face.

Results are immediately visible after the threads have been implanted and become optimal 2 weeks following the session. The treatment results last anywhere from 12-18 months but depend ultimately on the initial degree of sagging, as well as the patient’s health and lifestyle.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about thread lift.

+ - What does a thread lift session entail?

The procedure begins with a one-on-one with Dr Simon Sebbah, who will then determine the thread grid mapping necessary to obtain the patient’s desired results.

The threads are then implanted under the skin, painlessly, thanks to a preliminary local anesthesia.

This 30 Minute procedure is performed in an outpatient setting, however, a 2-3 day recovery time may be necessary depending on the number of threads implanted and the treatment area(s).

+ - What are the contraindications?

This treatment targets all patients experiencing skin sagging on one or several facial zones and/or on the neck.


Warnings and Precautions:


  • No skin infections on the treatment zone
  • No allergies to disinfecting and anesthetic products
  • No blood clotting issues
  • Pregnant women

+ - What are the side-effects?

Upon completing the treatment, and for about a week after, bruises and a light edema may appear on the treatment area. The patient may experience mega skin tightness and tautness. Also, certain zones may produce temporary skin folds, which are proof of the threads’ effectiveness.


The treatment area will remain sensitive for 3-4 weeks. We do not recommend practicing any sports nor going to any saunas or hammams, nor to perform any facial massages during this period.

Our prices per session

Face contouring 1 500€
Double chin 1 200€
Fox-Eyes from 1 500€
Permanent threads from 3 000€

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