Eyebrow Dermopigmentation


Beautify your gaze in the long-term

Our eyebrows structure our gaze and give personality to our faces. However, sometimes some restructuring is required to match our morphology and desires.

Eyebrow dermopigmentation creates long-lasting results.

This technique targets patients hoping to:

Obtain a thickening effect in areas with missing or scarce hair

Fill-in zones with missing hairs

Modify the natural eyebrow shape

Correct a prior semi-permanent makeup tattoo

Dermopigmentation des sourcils
Dermopigmentation des sourcils

How Does It Work?

Dermopigmentation is a semi-permanent tattoo targeting the restructuring of eyebrows via a dermograph (filled with pigments) injected under the skin. Two techniques can be used, individually or combined, the shading effect or hair -to- hair, producing ultra-realistic and natural results.

These mineral or organic pigments, which are preservative free, have been tested dermatologically and respond to all European standards and guidelines.

These pigments penetrate via the dermograph’s single-usage ultra-thin needles.

The cleansing and disinfection of the material are performed after every treatment. The single-usage material is opened in front of the patient, while the non-disposable elements are highly protected to assure maximum security for both the practitioner and the patient.

A single session, sometimes followed up by a touch-up session within the next 3 weeks are sufficient to obtain results which last from 6 months -1 year.

Before & After


Answers to frequently asked questions about dermopigmentation.

+ - What does a dermopigmentation session entail?

After a preliminary appointment with our Skin expert to eliminate any potential contraindications and to present the techniques and their effects, the eyebrow dermopigmentation session can commence. The Doctor & Co clinic uses Perma Blend products.

Our Skin Expert, specialized in the Easy Brow eyebrow creation technique, and an Ecole Anna Dermo (The Art of Eyebrows) graduate, will trace an eyebrow outline in pencil to determine a shape which is adapted to your facial morphology. Once the shape has been approved, pigments are selected to harmonize with the patient’s skin and hair tones.

After cleansing the skin to eliminate any impurities or makeup, our Skin Expert can begin the dermopigmentation via the dermograph. A session lasts 60 minutes and is essentially painless.

Upon completing the session, a reparative cream is applied and the patient can resume his/her daily routine, with no recovery time required. Results are immediate and stabilize in the weeks following the treatment.

+ - What are the contraindications?

Dermopigmentation can be performed on men and women of all ages and phototypes.


This treatment cannot be performed in the following cases:


  • Patients suffering from chronic or ongoing skin diseases.
  • Patients suffering from diabetes, insulin dependent, serious allergies, renal, heart or liver failure

+ - What are the side effects?

Upon completing a session, the results appear very intense and scabs may develop on the dermopigmented zone for a few days. Once the scabs have disappeared, about 10 days after the procedure, the pigments stabilize, and the color becomes more harmonious.


The skin heals within 3 weeks. A touch-up finishing session may be required if necessary.


Don’t wet the treatment zone in the 3 days following the procedure, avoid sun exposure, or other forms of heat (sauna, hammam) for the 2 weeks following the dermopigmentation session.

Our prices per session

Eyebrow Dermopigmentation 300€
Eyebrow Dermopigmentation touch-up (after 1 month) 50€

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