Lanluma silhouette

Lanluma Injections

Firm and tone your silhouette in the blink of an eye

Rework your curves or boost buttock volume effortlessly, while reducing orange peel skin, this is all now possible with Lanluma injections.

This revolutionary treatment, using Poly L lactic acid, a tissue inducer which has been employed for over 30 years in the medical field, restores, enhances and boosts volume and sculpts the silhouette lastingly in just a few sessions.

Lanluma Injection Benefits:

Enhance buttocks

Redesign contours

Beautify curves

Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Correct Skin irregularities and hollows


How Does It Work?

Tissue inducers, like those present in the Lanluma injections, are filler products capable of acting on the skin’s deepest layers to kick-start the body’s natural response: collagen synthesis.

This collagen can restore or boost volume/fullness via the injection zone; for natural results, similar to those of plastic surgery, but with far less risk and a quicker recovery time.

Skin becomes smooth, firm and tonic, curves are reworked and sculpted and cellulite disappears considerably.

The first results appear progressively in the 4 weeks following the procedure and become consistently stable in up to 2-3 months.

According to the desired results, we advise 1-4 sessions.


Answers to frequently asked questions about Lanluma.

+ - What does a Lanluma session entail?

After a preliminary appointment with Dr Simon Sebbah, to determine your needs and the treatment area(s), the procedure can commence. The Lanluma injections are performed using a local anesthesia and are essentially painless.

A Lanluma injection session lasts about 60 minutes.

Upon completing the procedure, the patient must follow the prescribed follow-up care and massage the treatment area 5 minutes, 5 times a day for 2 weeks to produce more even and harmonious results.

+ - What are the contraindications?

This treatment cannot be performed on individuals with an allergy to any of the components of Lanluma, or those suffering from an infection or inflammation in the area to be treated.

+ - What are the side effects?

This treatment has no particular side-effects.


Upon completing the procedure, the patient must abstain from any physical exercise and avoid all sources of heat (sun, UV lamps, sauna, hammam) for 2 weeks.

Our prices per session

Lanluma Injection from 850 €

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