Laser Tattoo removal – all colors

Color Tattoo Removal

Erase a tattoo in just a few sessions

The Doctor & Co clinic is equipped with a color tattoo removal laser (PicoPlus) which erases all tattoo types in just a few sessions. The color tattoo removal laser is now one of the most powerful and effective on the market.

This picosecond laser is one of the only devices with 4 wavelengths to precisely target each tattoo color (black, red, blue, green, yellow)

Due to its brief impulsion lapse, this laser rapidly and precisely eliminates all tattoo types (amateur or professional), regardless of tattoo type, color, skin type or the patient’s skin tone (lightest to darkest).

Tattoos are more popular than ever. However, over time, desires and tastes can change. These once permanent markings can sometimes become sources of regret.

Détatouage toutes couleurs
Détatouage toutes couleurs

How Does It Work?

The PicoPlus pulse mode pulverizes ink pigments into fine particles and makes tattoos disappear more rapidly. These fine particles are then eliminated by the organism.

The color tattoo removal laser only targets the ink pigments and doesn’t harm the surrounding skin, nor does it leave any scars or “phantom tattoos” (skin depigmentation from the prior tattooed skin).

According to the tattoo (colors, location, density, depth) the number of sessions can vary.

About 3-5 sessions are generally enough to remove an amateur tattoo. For a professional tattoo, 6-10 sessions are necessary. 4-8 weeks are necessary between the sessions.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about color tattoo removal

+ - What does a tattoo removal session entail?

After a preliminary appointment with Dr Simon Sebbah, and prior to any treatment, the tattoo type and ink are determined, and the session can then commence. According to tattoo colors and size, a removal session can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes.

During the session, the patient may experience a pinching sensation like an elastic beating against the skin while the device is applied to the skin. For greater comfort, and according to the tattoo, an anesthetic cream can be applied 1 hour prior to the session.

After completing the session, a moisturizing and repairing cream is applied on the treatment area(s) and the patient can resume his/her daily routine, with no recovery time. Throughout the sessions, the tattoo is erased progressively.

+ - What are the contraindications?

The treatment cannot be performed on skin with injuries or lesions, or with a herpes outbreak, nor on pregnant women.


The patient cannot be exposed to the sun for 1 month prior to the procedure, nor use any self-bronzing products.

+ - What are the side effects?

After completing a color tattoo removal, the treatment area can be slightly reddened and/or an edema may appear. In certain cases, slight bleeding may occur. These side-effects disappear in the 48hrs following the treatment.


In certain cases, a repairing cream is applied in the week following the procedure and will be prescribed to the patient.

Our prices per session

To receive a price estimate per session, the tattoo must be measured to determine the surface area (width and height) in centimeters.

For example: a 2 cm (height) tattoo and 5 cm (long) tattoo equals 2×5 = 10 cm²

Tattoo under 5 cm² 120€
Tattoo under 10 cm² 160€
Tattoo between 20 and 25 cm² 200€
Tattoo over 25 cm² ESTIMATE UPON REQUEST

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