MesoLed Hair Treatments

Hair Mesotherapy

Stop hair loss while stimulating hair growth

MesoLed is a treatment which combines scalp mesotherapy and photomodulation via medical LED therapy. This treatment fights against hair loss and stimulates growth by revitalizing and energizing the scalp.

The Doctor & Co clinic is equipped with the TriWings LED phototherapy device which is now considered the best product on the market.

Both men and women can experience alopecia (hair loss) throughout their lives.

There are a variety of causes:

Men: heredity sometimes referred to as androgenic alopecia.

Hormonal changes (pregnancy or menopause)

Stress, fatigue, or seasonal changes

Nutritional deficiencies (iron and/or other vitamins)


How Does it Work?

Capillary mesotherapy is a technique involving microinjections(filled with a bio-stimulant multivitamin, mineral and amino acid cocktail) all over the scalp. By activating microcirculation, this nutritive blend boosts and energizes the scalp, optimizing the regrowth of new hair and putting a stop to hair loss, while strengthening brittle, weakened hair.

To optimize the nutrient assimilation, the mesotherapy session is followed up by a TriWings LED photomodulation session. This complementary treatment stimulates the hair bulbs while reducing inflammation and sebum production.

Capillary MesoLed produces results as of the first session. A 4-6 session course of treatment every 15 days is prescribed to slow down hair loss in the long-term. Throughout the sessions, hair thickens and becomes more resistant. We have observed significant regrowth in the 3 months following the treatment.


Answers to frequently asked questions about MesoLED hair treatment.

+ - What does a MesoLed treatment session entail?

After a preliminary appointment with Dr Simon Sebbah, the MesoLED session can commence.

To begin, the microinjections are executed with a mesotherapy injection gun throughout the scalp area. Then, the patient is placed under a medical LED photomodulation device for about 20 minutes.

The MesoLED sessions are completely painless and require no recovery time.

+ - What are the treatment guidelines?

MesoLED is prescribed in the following cases:

  • Male or Female Alopecia
  • Fragile hair (thinning, dull or brittle)
  • Irritated scalp and/or dandruff
  • Before or after a capillary transplant to optimize results.

+ - What are the contraindications?

MesoLED has no side-effects nor contraindications.


Our prices per session

MesoLED hair treatment - per session 180€

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