Electric Hair Removal

Electric Hair Removal - Electrolysis

For a hair-to-hair high-precision removal

Less mainstream than the CLARITY II laser hair removal, but just as effective, electric hair removal is a definitive and high-performance solution to extract hairs from the body and face.

Several factors contribute to excessive hair growth.

  • Hormones
  • Certain illnesses and medication
  • Temporary hair removal methods (Waxing, razors, threading)

When this excessive growth becomes embarrassing, on the face in particular, this innovative technique is the must-have alternative.

Épilation électrique
Épilation électrique

How Does It Work?

During an electric hair removal session, electric waves make their way through the needle which is inserted into the skin’s surface, on each hair follicle, to destroy its roots and then the targeted hair is removed with tweezers.

As opposed to laser hair removal, electrolysis inhibits regrowth on the treatment area, and destroys the cells (peach fuzz/vellus hair) responsible for hair growth.

In fact, on the same treatment area, hair growth cells (peach fuzz, vellus hair) can coexist with hair. This hair- to -hair technique bypasses this peach fuzz.

The zones which may experience hair regrowth:

  • Women: the face (cheeks, the facial contour and the neck) also the upper lateral part of the thighs.
  • Men: shoulders and the upper back

For white hairs lacking melanin and coloration, electric hair removal remains the only effective treatment.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about electric hair removal

+ - What does electric hair removal entail?

A preliminary appointment with Dr Simon Sebbah is scheduled to determine the treatment areas and the nature of the hair. Then the electric hair removal session can commence. Depending on the treatment area(s), the session can last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

Throughout the session, the patient may experience a slight tingling/stinging or a heated sensation, but overall, electric hair removal is essentially painless.

Upon completing the session, a moisturizing and repairing cream is applied to the treatment area(s) and the patient can immediately go back to his/her daily routine. No recovery time is necessary, and results are immediate.

+ - What are the contraindications?

Electric hair removal can be performed on both men and women of all ages and all phototypes. If you are underage, a consent form must be signed beforehand, and the session must be performed in the presence of a parent.


This treatment cannot be performed in the following cases:

  • Persons with a pacemaker
  • Pregnant women

+ - What are the side effects?

Upon completing a session, the treatment area can be slightly reddened and swollen, forming tiny scabs which will disappear just days after the procedure. We highly recommend that sun exposure be avoided, and any extreme heat (sauna, hammam) in the 48hrs following an electric hair removal session.

Our prices per session

More precise than laser hair removal, this service is billed according to session duration, and depends on the number of hairs to extract more so than the surface area of the hair removal zone.
15 min session 50€
30 min session 90€

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